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Richard Reinholdt
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San Francisco Bay Guardian 
Upstage/Downstage Award - Outstanding Performance
Top 10 
Bay Area Actors, 2010

Bay Area Theatre Critics Circl
Best Principal Performance (Nominee)
The Norman Conquests (Role: Norman)

Company Member: Shotgun Players, Berkeley, California
                                       1994 - Present


The Fever  by Wallace Shawn : Directed by John Wilkins
Marie & Bruce  by Wallace Shawn : Directed by John Wilkins
          Wallace Shawn Festival, Last Planet Theatre

"Reinholdt is superb in all four plays, but his sensitive performance in The Fever  is an absolute knockout. He's also terrific as the emotionally stunted Bruce in Marie and Bruce."

The Coast of Utopia (Trilogy)  by Tom Stoppard
Voyage, Shipwreck & Salvage

Shotgun Players
2012 - 2014 (three year run)

Peter Chaadaev (Voyage)
Lajos Kossuth (Salvage)
Ivan Turgenev (Shipwreck & Salvage)

** AWARD NOM FOR "SHIPWRECK" : We were delighted that our production of Tom Stoppard's SHIPWRECK was  nominated for a "Best Ensemble, 2013" award by the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle - the association of local theatre reviewers! 


4 Stars (out of 5) -San Francisco Chronicle. Once again, the San Francisco Chronicle awarded us 4 Stars for each part of the trilogy, three years running!

“The acting at Shotgun continues to be uniformly good… Patrick Kelly Jones as Alexander Herzen and Richard Reinholdt as Ivan Turgenev continue to delight.”
-- Piedmont Post
"The scope of Shotgun's achievement should not be taken for granted… each installment by Shotgun's talented ensemble has been given the utmost love and attention… Whether one only sees "Salvage" or manages to experience Stoppard's trilogy in its entirety, this production is a powerful example of how good live theatre can be when done to perfection. Kudos to Dooley and his devoted community of talented artists."
– My Cultural Landscape
 [scroll down for the whole article.]
“Shotgun Players shine with Stoppard…Enthralling... Under Dooley’s fine-tuned, insightful direction, every gesture and detail is precise and revealing, every emotion feels palpable and every word seems spoken from the deepest of personal conviction.”
--  San Francisco Examiner
“Shotgun has taken a very complex series of plays, with difficult language, numerous characters and copious scene changes, and succeeded in presenting intriguing and beguiling dramas … all with fine acting… “The Coast of Utopia” is one of [Stoppard’s] masterpieces and shouldn’t be missed.”
-- Berkeleyside

"Richard Reinholdt gives a charismatic presentation of the seemingly detached artist and writer Ivan Turgenev...
Staged with energy and fluidity...this is certainly the most theatrical evening of the season thus far...[Shipwreck]  is a journey no lover of serious theatre should miss."
-- Talkin' Broadway review : "Shipwreck"

 "Positively world class ... the cast is uniformly strong."
                --   East Bay Express  review : "Shipwreck"

"A riveting union of politics and love ... engrossing theater" 
: 4 out of 5 stars : 
-- San Francisco Chronicle review : "Shipwreck"

Shipwreck contains equal parts comedy and heartbreak, both beautifully realized under Patrick Dooley’s direction."
-- San Francisco Examiner  review : "Shipwreck"

"...beautifully directed (with an intelligence, sensitivity, and grace that matched the playwright's skill), & received a long, loud and loving embrace from an audience that had been genuinely moved by the theatrical experience they had just shared... not just tinged with greatness, but a genuine class act...a magnificently talented ensemble..."SHIPWRECK" is a stunning dramatic achievement."

-- My Cultural Landscape  review : "Shipwreck"

"...a wonderful Shotgun Players should hurry to the Ashby Stage to see Shipwreck (and Voyage, if you missed it first time around.)"
-- Berkeleyside  review : "Shipwreck"

"A Voyage worth taking." : 4 out of 5 stars : 
-- San Francisco Chronicle  review : "Voyage"

VOYAGE: "Stoppard's riff on pre-revolutionary Russia begins on a family estate where passionate ideals and fraught expectations are the name of the game. Produced only once previously in the United States, at New York City's Lincoln Center, the first part of this amazing trilogy is an epic and satisfying journey through Russian history and intellectualism. Come meet the passionate, idealistic young men and women who struggle for freedom. This poetic masterpiece is Tom Stoppard -- arguably the greatest living English language playwright -- at his very best. Don't miss it!"

SHIPWRECK: "In Voyage, we met our young heroes in the first blushes of revolutionary thought and love. Now with Shipwreck we find them in their 30s. The optimism of their early years has hit the rocks of marital infidelity, social anarchy, and a tsar who has no intention of stepping down. The stakes go up dramatically in this next great duel between the heart and mind."

Company: Shotgun Players, 2010
Directors: Joy Carlin, Molly Aaronson-Gelb, Mina Morita
I am very pleased and honored at all of the "Best of 2010" Awards and nominations that our Shotgun Players production of "The Norman Conquests" trilogy received!

The Bay Area Critics Circle gave us FIVE nominations, including one for Best Show (100-399 seat theater), Direction (Joy Carlin), Supporting Performances (Sarah Mitchell & Josiah Polhemus) -- and they nominated me for Principal Performance for Norman!

Other love we got includes making the SF Bay Guardian, SF Bay Times & Talkin' Broadway "Top 10 of 2010" lists. Talkin' Broadway also named me as one of the "Top 10 Bay Area Actors of 2010." THANK YOU!

Reinholdt, however —- with saucy beard, bounding playfulness and mischievous glint —- is downright revelatory in the titular role, delivering a performance that not only gives boisterous heft to the proceedings but probes the moral dimensions of love in an age of crass individualism and lingering prudery.
. "  - Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Mr. Reinholdt rises to the challenge... Exceptional acting from these exceptional actors. "  - John A. McMullen II, The Berkeley Daily Planet

"Reinholdt is charismatic... he has a field day playing all sides of the manipulative Norman. He is a master of extended monologue...a deliciously controlled degree of gusto...Ayckbourn and British farce at its finest." "Reinholdt looks and acts like a charming teddy bear... it's a tour de force of droll acting with expert timing." - Richard Connema, Talking Broadway San Francisco

"A Fine 'Conquest' - The actors are lions, even though some pretend to be lambs....terrific comedy." - Rachel Swan, The East Bay Express

"The one character who defies easy direction, design or classification is Norman. He is at once brazen in his advances and craven in his marriage. He could easily have a good time elsewhere, yet he spends his entire weekend in this house. Why? Does he crave his family’s attention, or does he relish the opportunity to ridicule? Whatever his motivations (and, for better or worse, Reinholdt expertly keeps us guessing), Norman is the only character in this self-involved family capable of listening to and engaging with another human being. When societal norms don’t allow real connection, what you need, Ayckbourn seems to say, is a Norman." -- Lily JaniakSan Francisco Bay Times

"[Norman's] childlike appetite for affection and disregard for propriety or convention carry the day... It is worth the return trips to Ashby Stage to see all three of these charmingly hilarious plays. Each has something new to offer its audience, and affection for these characters only deepens with time." - Gwen Kingston, The Daily Californian (Living Together)

by Sepideh Khosrowjah
Character: Sean      Company: Darvag Theater
Preview: Thursday 3/31/11
Performs 4/1- 4/10 at The Boxcar Playhouse, San Francisco


About the play: Darvag Theater is an Iranian-American theater group that collaborated with us at Shotgun Players in the late 1990s on a couple of projects, notably "The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad" in 1998. "It is not about Pomegranates" is a new play by Darvag member Sepideh Khosrowjah which relates the story of two lovers -- one Iranian and one American -- and takes on the various cultural, political and gender issues that arise from their encounter.

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